Postmates And DoorDash Launch A Local Food Delivery Robot

Postmates And DoorDash Launch A Local Food Delivery Robot

Postmates and DoorDash have added robots to their delivery service to send to participants in limited areas

Zack Palm
  • 1 february 2017

Starship Technologies has launched their pilot program for on-the-ground robots to delivery goods for Postmates in Redwood City, California and DoorDash in Washington, D.C. The robots will deliver small products they can carry in their storage units.

The robots have a restricted delivery range of two to three miles away from where they operate, have a top speed of four miles per hour and only drive on sidewalks. Although these units work autonomously, humans monitor their performance to safeguard the contents they deliver and to ensure the units do not get damaged. Starship Technologies first tested these robots in 2016 in Redwood City and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The delivery companies have already launched the program. Starship Technologies has not announced additional partnerships with other delivery companies or when this program will launch in additional states.

Starship Technologies

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