Rebecca Minkoff’s Connected Bags Provide Exclusive Access To Fashion Week

Rebecca Minkoff’s Connected Bags Provide Exclusive Access To Fashion Week

The brand is leveraging cloud technology to bridge the physical and digital divide

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 14 february 2017

Continuing along the journey of her ever-evolving tech-infused fashion brand, Rebecca Minkoff’s latest entry is a connected bag bundled with purchases of her most recent line of bags designed to offer buyers access to exclusive content and experiences.

At the start of February, just before Fashion Week’s run in Los Angeles’s The Grove, Minkoff released 10 limited edition bags under the name #AlwaysOn Midnight Styler, each featuring a tag that, when scanned, unlocked a ticket pass to a spring/summer 2017 runway.

The activation was part of a partnership between Minkoff, IoT solutions platform EVRYTHING and brand strategy agency Avery Dennison’s Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS). It followed a previous announcement in 2016 between Minkoff’s consorting companies which called for some 10 billion articles of clothing to receive ‘digital identities’ and cloud-stored data profiles in three year’s time, dubbed #BornDigital. In the future, you’ll be able to Google a pair of earrings to see where and when they might have fallen from your ears.

Riding the wave of modernization, Minkoff has further revealed that all of her bags will feature the ‘smart’ upgrade come summer of 2017, a move which will offer shoppers a follow-up dialogue with the brand post-purchase to include things like style recommendations, e-commerce services, video content, invitations to certain shows and even private styling sessions with Rebecca for a few lucky customers. Purchases of any bag will also enroll fashionistas in Rebecca Minkoff’s loyalty program automatically, contributing points towards future transactions. In exchange, Minkoff will benefit from user-driven data, which will empower the brand with newer and deeper metrics with which to make better decisions.

According to CEO and co-founder Uri Minkoff, most fashion brands lose sight of customers by placing a premium on their products above all else; by establishing a richer relationship with its audience through innovative technologies, Minkoff plans to engage with consumers long after they check out, which by the way is an automatic process in the store’s SoHo location. Targeting the ‘truly tech-active millennial,’ the company has proven itself a thought leader in the fashion-meets-tech world with all of its latest stunts to outfit its brick and mortar sites. Now ,its fans will finally have a means of bringing some of that technology home with them.

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