Robotic Pizza Delivery Van Will Cook A Pizza On The Way To Your Door

Robotic Pizza Delivery Van Will Cook A Pizza On The Way To Your Door

Zume Pizza's employees consist of both robots and humans

Jiwon Kim
  • 14 february 2017

In the capital of the tech world, Mountain View in California, high-tech pizza is now available. Zume Pizza has humans and robots working together to create amazing pizza. Utilizing artificial intelligence as well, founders Alex Garden and Julia Collins wanted to create delicious pizza utilizing the benefits of technology.

Pizza from Zume is baked on the way to homes, eliminating the need for any chemicals in the pizza and ensuring that homes get pizzas literally straight from the oven. For the pizza-making process, robots engage in dispensing the sauce and placing it in the ovens. The reasoning behind utilizing robots is to allow the human staff to work on ensuring the quality of each individual pizza. The platform even utilizes artificial intelligence to predict which pizzas will be in demand then updates the inventory with this knowledge.

Pizza will forever be part of this country’s past, present and future.

Zume Pizza

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