Sarcastic NYC Souvenirs Capture True City Living

Sarcastic NYC Souvenirs Capture True City Living
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Artist Fenghe Luo designs a series of souvenirs that shows the reality of living in the Big Apple

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 13 february 2017

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, one which is often romanticized by tourists and hopeful artists. Artist Fenghe Luo wanted to give people a glimpse at how she sees this urban jungle with a series of uniquely-crafted souvenirs you won’t find in a typical tourist stall.

Sound of the subway.jpg

WTF NYC Souvenirs attempts to capture the “real” New York City with its souvenirs ranging from a subway sound box featuring a recording of a 6 train screeching into a station to a garbage bag inside a snow globe. The most practical of the collection is the food cart umbrella pins in the same vibrant red and yellow that you see at hotdogs stands.

trash snow globe.jpg

Luo told designboom that the project was inspired by her ever-evolving perception of the city after moving there:

“New York City is a city that we love to hate. Souvenirs of New York City should help us remember the city as it is. Before coming to New York City, I imagined my life would be like what was printed on the postcards: seeing the Manhattan skyline every day and living in the movies. However, after living here for two years, I’ve realized that the typical scene in my everyday life is more like the garbage mountains in the streets, the rats in the subway, and the shameless jaywalking.”

See the advertisement for the WTC NYC souvenir collection below:

WTF NYC Souvenirs

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