Smart Fitness T-Shirt Will Help Runners Find Their Way Home

Smart Fitness T-Shirt Will Help Runners Find Their Way Home

With special vibration sensors, the garment is designed to help people better navigate the streets

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 17 february 2017

Do you want to try new running routes but are afraid of getting lost or having to constantly check your phone for directions? This new smart fitness T-shirt may be just what you were looking for. Designed by Broadcast Wearables, an Indian startup behind Broadcast, a programmable LED T-shirt and Jaltee, a glow-in-the-dark clothing line, the navigation T-shirt is currently trying to raise funds on an India-based crowdfunding platform.

The Sygna T-shirt has all the capacities of a traditional wearable fitness tracker: it can measure steps taken, floors climbed and calories burnt, but it can also tell you which road to follow to get home. To enable the smart features, users first have to download a companion app and set the desired destination. The vibrations from a built-in vibration sensor located on each shoulder lets the runner know which turn to take.

The sensors connect with the app via Bluetooth and the data is synced every 15 minutes. The rechargeable battery lasts for three to five days and users can charge it through a micro USB port. The T-shirt is also waterproof and washable, so users can simply throw it into the washing machine after exercising.

The project is still in the crowdfunding phase, but if the campaign proves successful first T-shirts could be shipping as early as April 2017.

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