Sony Collection Celebrates 70 Years Of Design

Sony Collection Celebrates 70 Years Of Design

Park-Ing Ginza has created distinct pouches made up of Sony's most memorable products from throughout the years

Zack Palm
  • 8 february 2017

This year marks the 70th anniversary for multinational electronics company Sony. To help pay homage to the tech company’s accomplishments, Park-Ing Ginza, a concept store managed by Hiroshi Fujiwara, has established a collection of Sony’s retro products and recreated them as fashionable pouches.

These pouches have several depictions of Sony’s more memorable products, such as the cassette player, floppy disk and WALKMAN. For new generations, it’s a way to appreciate the past while still remaining modern. Park-Ing Ginza wants to establish a connection with modern fashion and the past, to bring the two together.

These unique products will remain available until February 10, exclusively sold at the Park-Ing Ginza store in Tokyo.

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