Burger King Celebrates Valentine’s Day With A Cup Made For Sharing

Burger King Celebrates Valentine’s Day With A Cup Made For Sharing

The fast food company created a cup with a lid that includes holes for two straws instead of just one as a promotion for the holiday

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 13 february 2017

Sharing spaghetti bolognese with your loved one? So passe. What’s more romantic than sharing a soda and a meal of hamburgers and fries with your significant other? This Valentine’s Day, Burger King is capitalize on this coupledom trend with the debut of a new plastic cup made for two.

With two holes for two straws rather than just one, the Valentine’s Cup is dubbed as “the solution for a perfect Valentine’s Day,” according to the company. While utilizing two straws instead of one may seem unnecessary in an intimate relationship, Burger King is hoping its invention will nevertheless bring people together.

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