3D-Printed Modular Home Is Fully Powered By Solar

3D-Printed Modular Home Is Fully Powered By Solar
Design & Architecture

No bills and no plumbing or pipes required—simply grab the keys and move in

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 7 march 2017

Thanks to the Ukrainian startup PassivDom, you can now build a fully autonomous house in one day—no external structures like foundations, plumbing or water tanks necessary. You also won’t need to worry about electricity or gas bills, as the PassivDom is completely energy-independent in any climate and uses solar panels to fuel all the appliances. The 3D-printed modular home can be arranged in a variety of shapes and forms, allowing for customization, while the built-in furniture and appliances make one-day move-in date a reality.

In addition, the company engineered special windows which are as warm as walls, letting the light in while eliminating heat loss.

Not to mention that all the devices are networked to the IoT and can be operated from the owner’s smartphone.


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