A Bus Stop That Actually Makes Waiting Fun

A Bus Stop That Actually Makes Waiting Fun

Architectural firm DP Architects designed a station outfitted with swings, books, and artwork to help commuters pass the time

Ivanha Paz
  • 9 march 2017

Commissioned by the Singapore Land Transportation Authority, Singaporean architectural firm DP Architects designed a bus stop to make waiting around for the bus a much better experience.

The bust stop, installed in September 2016, comes equipped with swings, books, a rooftop garden, parking for bikes, phone chargers and artwork to keep commuters inspired.

But, phone chargers aren’t the only technology DP incorporated. The stop has Wi-Fi, digital screens, that detail information such as arrival times, maps, weather and even local news. Also, individuals may download online books from the library by scanning a QR code. To power it all, the bus stop uses solar panels.

The idea is to encourage residents to take advantage of public transportation by proving that it can be a pleasant experience and by having meaningful interactions with their environment and other individuals around them. Most people would rather use their own vehicle to get to work, but maybe if there are swings involved they will reconsider.

“The array of social and environmental plug-ins at the bus stop provides the community with diverse possibilities and opportunities for appropriation, to purposefully reshape the bus stops in their own neighborhoods, and to respond to each of their surrounding contexts, unique settings and evolving needs,” reads the firm’s project description.

Singaporean government has been testing it out to decide if it will fund expansion to other regions this year.

DP Architects | Infocomm Media Development Authority

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