A Sneaker Concept Made For Fashion-Forward Space Travelers

A Sneaker Concept Made For Fashion-Forward Space Travelers
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The shoe draws inspiration from SpaceX and Y-3

Matt Vitone
  • 17 march 2017

Lack of water and breathable air are far from the only problems that face humans as they mull over the possibility of life in space. With Elon Musk’s SpaceX set to launch tourists on a trip around the moon next year, it also begs the inevitable question: “What should I wear?”

y-3 spacex sneaker 3.jpg

Footwear designer Clément Fernandes has drawn up these flyknit sneakers for such an occasion, inspired by SpaceX and Y-3, the footwear range by Adidas and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. The concept shoes are designed to help wearers who might travel to Mars, featuring a nylon and carbon nanotube upper. The nanotubes react to body heat and contract the nylon fibers to the shape of the wearer’s foot, resulting in a perfectly-fitted upper.

y-3 spacex sneaker 4.jpg

Fernandes considered Mars’ climate in his design, which uses multi-density EVA materials to help absorb the impact and provide more cushioning against the planet’s stony surface. Rubber elements at the back of the shoe help strengthen the structure of the upper.

The shoe’s name, 38%_2101 morphknit 0.1, even takes Mars’ gravity into account, which is 38% of that on Earth. The number 2101, meanwhile, is the year the designer estimates the date of completion, so it might be a while before any Earth-dwelling hypebeasts get to bounce around Mars with these kicks.

y-3 spacex sneaker2.jpg

Clément Fernandes

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