This AI Creative Director Is Beating Its Human Counterparts

This AI Creative Director Is Beating Its Human Counterparts

The technology created at McCann in Japan was assembled from a database of deconstructed ads from commercial award winners over the past 10 years

Jennifer Passas
  • 15 march 2017

Creative planner Shun Matsuzaka, from McCann Erickson Japan, McCann Millennial tasked himself with the project of creating the world’s first AI creative director. Matsuzaka and his team broke down the core elements of a TV commercial and assembled a database of deconstructed ads from commercial award winners over the past 10 years that the robot used as data for the commercial it created.

To test the robot’s artistic and creative ability McCann set up a competition between the AI creative director and human creative director at McCann Japan, Mitsuru Kuramoto. Confectionery mega-brand Mondelez was willing to see the results of the competition with an ad created for their Clorets Mint Tab that needed to convey the message of “Instant-effect fresh breath that lasts for 10 minutes.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.11.26 AM.png

Mondelez was asked to fill out a form with all the required information that needed to included in the advertisement. The AI robot took the information and screened its database for ideas which was later put together by humans for the final creative. The two advertisements were put to test in a nationwide poll where consumers got to choose which ad they preferred.

See what ad you prefer: Ad Number One or Ad Number Two

The first ad was created by the AI creative director which narrowly lost with 54 percent of the public vote going to Kuramoto’s ad. That said, the ads which were screened at the ISBA Conference, had different results. The 200-or-so advertising executives at the conference preferred the AI created commercial commenting on how creative and funny the material was.

It is natural to wonder how AI will be integrated into agencies and the creative process in the future. It would be a loss to leave all decisions up to AI based on databases of past work, but there might be a function for AI to contribute to the process with its unique ability to provide an objective point of view that might be missed by human creatives.

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