This Machine Can Replace An Entire Photo Studio

This Machine Can Replace An Entire Photo Studio

The StyleShoots Live is designed to streamline the entire workflow of a photoshoot onto a single device

Leo Lutero
  • 13 march 2017

The number of product photos demanded by any ecommerce enterprise is staggering. As a response, smart photo studio startup StyleShoots has created an all-in-one solution that reduces the workforce needed in a photo studio to just the stylist and the model. They call it the StyleShoots Live.

The startup, which touts its “Dutch engineering, Dutch design” roots, is designing product geared toward the fashion sector. At present, each item you see in online sites are manually shot by a photographer and an entire team working to achieve the standard set by the store. With StyleShoots Live, there are no more photographers or strobists needed behind the lens.

Naturally, the system works well with product shoots, the kind usually found on catalogues. These kinds of photos need automation the most. The race to increase inventory can be very exhausting especially for creative people like photographers.

styleshoot live 3
To work, the machine relies on artificial intelligence. The high-end Canon EOS 1DX MkII, the strobes, and the moving camera mount all work together to create the perfect photos according to preset standards. Controls and replay are through a mounted iPad Pro.

First, the necessary specifications are required for the photos. Then all the systems are adjusted to fulfill what is needed. The result is a camera roll that applies the same photo rules again and again. With machine vision, factors like the model’s height versus photo height, light levels and color correction are all perfected. There is little else the operator should do.

The StyleShoots Live takes its name from the full 4K video support. Many ecommerce websites now integrate video to their product pages; an effective way of showing customers how clothes move when worn.

The entire system is powered by Mac Pro. Propriety software exports raw files into compatible files for channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps. Export formats can also be customized according to need.

styleshoot live 4 smart studio

The StyleShoot Live is definitely a handy tool for operations requiring large volumes of clothing to shoot. While there are obvious limits for more creative pursuits with the set-up, it looks like the perfect solution for the often quantity-driven needs of a commercial studio.

The product is now available for live demos with an actual model. Booking is through the StyleShoot Live website.

StyleShoots Live

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