Airbnb Branches Out Of Hospitality With ‘Music Experiences’

Airbnb Branches Out Of Hospitality With ‘Music Experiences’

The room sharing service is expanding to offer travelers music-based travel packages through a partnership with Sofa Sounds

Ivanha Paz
  • 14 march 2017

Airbnb, the online marketplace that allows users to rent short and long-term lodging, is expanding its services into the music scene through a partnership with Sofar Sounds.

Sofar plans secret concerts around the world and is now helping Airbnb offer their users a range of musical experiences involving local talent and international artists.

Airbnb travelers can now make a music video in Miami, shop for vinyl in Tokyo or even chill with Kid Rock’s guitarist in Detroit. These experiences are hosted by the artists or industry insiders themselves and serve as a way to promote up and coming talent.

“We’re launching Music Experiences to give people access to exclusive and immersive music events—from intimate live performances,  pop up gigs, underground music sessions, and meeting local artists and performers,” said CEO Brian Chesky.

The feature is currently available in 13 cities: London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barcelona, Nairobi, Cape Town, Detroit, Miami, Paris, Havana, Tokyo, Florence and Seoul.

Sofar Sounds | Airbnb

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