Biodegradable Planters Built From 3D-Printed Wood

Biodegradable Planters Built From 3D-Printed Wood
Design & Architecture

The sleek pots from Minimum Design are made using recycled wood

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 23 march 2017

Minimum Design, an French design company selling on Etsy, creates elegant 3D-printed planters made from PLA wood, comprised of cornstarch based plastic and recycled wood fibers. As 3D-printed products are becoming more commonplace, makers are also thinking about sustainability and their creations. Using recycled wood as opposed to petroleum-based plastic is a unique way to create another sustainable avenue for consumer products. Home Depot and other garden retail stores could create a line for these and market them as ‘green’ products, fully taking advantage of the efficiency in their supply chain and the greater demand for sustainable housewares. 3D printing makes for great design, and the line is fully customizable to your needs, as the biodegradable planters offer a welcome change to plain plastic pots.

The symmetry of the planter design is a nice counterbalance to the organic lines and asymmetry of plants. A neutral color palette, and a woodsy scent, ensures these fit in any home and a more intrepid DIY’er could paint these for extra flair.

Minimum Design

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