Champagne Vending Machine Comes To Las Vegas

Champagne Vending Machine Comes To Las Vegas

With a gold coin you can purchase 187-milliliter splits of bubbly from an automated vendor at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Vegas

Ivanha Paz
  • 2 march 2017

It’s about time Las Vegas got the “champagne only” vending machine that’s been making the rounds in memes across the Internet for the past couple of years and was first seen at a Selfridges store in London.

With a $20 gold coin that can be purchased at the Mandarin Oriental’s reception desk, those craving some bubbly can get it from the city’s only vending machine at the hotel’s sky lobby.

The machine offers a choice between 320 mini bottles (187-milliliter splits) of Brut or Rosé Moët or Chandon Imperial Champagne. To ensure there’s no unnecessary shaking, an arm places it carefully on the receiving space.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Lead Image via VisualHunt | CC0 1.0

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