Chatbot Rewards Good Grades With Discounts On Prom Suit Rentals

Chatbot Rewards Good Grades With Discounts On Prom Suit Rentals

Powered by The Black Tux, Suit Up Bot lives on Facebook Messenger where it readily waits for a picture of a young student's report card

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 24 march 2017

For many teens finally being pressed to ask out their secret crushes before someone else gets the opportunity, getting a luxe tux for prom is a top of mind affair. For others, the event represents nothing more than a warm up for the cash they’ll soon be parting with to purchase their college textbooks. Whatever the sentiment, you need not break the bank to woo your date.

Released just yesterday, Suit Up Bot is an AI chatbot that transforms good grades into tuxedo discounts. Powered by The Black Tux, a modern suits and tuxedo rental startup removing the wrinkles from the traditional ordering process, Suit Up Bot lives on Facebook Messenger, where it readily waits for a picture of your report card. Once submitted, the bot then processes the report card information and scans the file using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) via the Tesseract OCR engine to ensure the legitimacy of the document and confirm the grades.

Inspired by the nostalgia of redeeming prizes or discounts for good grades as a kid, Suit Up Bot is not only a brilliant tech-savvy marketing tactic for a young adult-centric brand, its also reinforces positive behaviors among the teenage demographic. It would appear that of the many use cases chatbots offer the social platforms that feature them, one of their most powerful elements is not only their ability to connect and engage with consumers on a deeper (yet still autonomous) level, but to actually influence decision-making because of how ‘real’ they feel—an emerging channel dubbed ‘conversational commerce,’ which, when used correctly can bring intimacy to thousands of individual conversations between a brand and its consumers.

Suit Up Bot

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