Chrome Extension Gives Office Workers A Lifeline Out Of Conversations

Chrome Extension Gives Office Workers A Lifeline Out Of Conversations

The add-on was created for employees to get their coworkers to go away while they're having a busy work day without being rude

Zack Palm
  • 15 march 2017

Breather, a company who provides office rental space, created a Chrome extension called NOPE to help employees get rid of the social coworker without being rude.

The extension activates with a simple click and sits at the upper right corner of the Chrome browser, ready for use whenever an annoying coworker tries to start a conversation. Users must give the extension their preferred phone number in order for it to work correctly. When the extension button is hit, the user’s phone goes off with a recorded voice providing instructions of what they should say into the phone in order to get the coworker to leave them alone.


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