Coffee Cup Made Out Of Discarded Coffee Grounds

Coffee Cup Made Out Of Discarded Coffee Grounds
Design & Architecture

c2renew created a 3D printed coffee cup using a bio-based resin and coffee waste

Zack Palm
  • 20 march 2017

c2renew, a material design and custom compound company, wanted to find a way to reuse coffee. They came up with the c2cup, a 3D printed cup made from coffee waste.

coffee cup

To construct a durable cup, they had to formulate a filament to go into their 3D printer. They used a biocomposite combination of a bio-based resin and coffee waste, which turned the outer material of the cup into a greener plastic. The material was cheaper than traditional plastic. They did not use a composite that typically goes into a 3D printer in order to ensure the cup would withstand the heat of coffee and a dishwasher.


+3d printing
+bio-based resin
+coffee cup
+coffee waste
+green plastic

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