Delhi Residents Can Now Order Farm Produce Using WhatsApp

Delhi Residents Can Now Order Farm Produce Using WhatsApp
Food is meant to eliminate the middle-man and increase farmers' profits, while giving shoppers fresh produce delivered to their door

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 13 march 2017

Aiming to make agriculture a profitable business for farmers,, a New Delhi-based for-profit initiative, builds supply-chain efficiencies by eradicating layers of middlemen with WhatsApp.

The company, which started as a class project at MIT Sloan, offers farm-to-fridge products in under 14 hours, allowing shoppers to use the popular messenger app to place orders and send delivery instructions. Customers can choose from a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings that can be purchased in half kilogram or kilogram units. The produce comes from villages outside New Delhi, allowing for the speedy delivery.’s main focus is to help farmers earn a better living by creating farmer-consumer ecosystem where stores and online platforms are the enablers. Their collection centers work directly around farmers to promote low-cost and organic fertilizers, self-sustainable farming and crop-rotation to help them increase the ROI per acre of land and thus increase their income.

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