Google Is Using AR To Guide Customers Around Stores

Google Is Using AR To Guide Customers Around Stores
Augmented & Virtual Reality

Home improvement retailer Lowe's is using the technology so customers will never get lost in a store again

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 22 march 2017

No more wandering around the store cluelessly, trying to find all the items on the list, Lowe’s new AR app makes the shopping experience smoother and so much more fun.

Powered by Google’s Tango technology that uses computer vision to detect position in the real-world, Lowe’s Vision: In-Store Navigation app offers turn-by-turn digital directions allowing customers to pick every product on their list in the most time effective way. The app also gives them the aisle and shelf number information as well as an estimated step counter just in case.

In-Store Navigation is currently piloting in two stores, Sunnyvale, CA and Lynwood, WA. Customers who don’t own a Tango-enabled device can borrow one from the store’s associates.

But this is not the only way that the home improvement giant is using the newest technologies to its advantage. Earlier this month, Lowe’s introduced “Hologram How To,” an on-demand VR skill clinic where customers can learn how to successfully complete DIY projects such as tiling a shower.

From mixing the mortar to laying the pattern, the simulation walks the user through each step of the process. Learning by doing, even though only in a virtual environment, ensures higher retention rate as well as confidence level and motivation to actually complete the project. The Holoroom How To proof-of-concept is currently live at Lowe’s in select store locations in Boston and Canada.

“During the past three years, we have been exploring real-life applications of augmented and virtual reality experiences to directly help our customers solve everyday problems,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the company’s disruptive innovation hub. “Our experience has shown that customers are embracing AR/VR as part of their home improvement journey, and now, we are using immersive VR to help our customers learn the required skills to complete challenging home improvement projects.”

Lowe’s Innovation Lab

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