Hotel Designed Exclusively For Beer Lovers

Hotel Designed Exclusively For Beer Lovers

Those who have always wanted a vacation based entirely around craft beer now have their sanctuary in Columbus, Ohio, thanks to Brewdog

Zack Palm
  • 7 march 2017

A hotel will soon get built in Columbus, Ohio designed to revolve entirely around crafted beer. Guests who stay at this hotel, named The Doghouse, will have access to beer on tap, three-course meals prepared using craft beer, and hot tubs filled with beer. This location was created by Scottish brewery Brewdog, known for their flagship beer: Punk IPA.

During June 2015 Brewdog had announced they were planning to build five new breweries in the United States, the first of them located in Columbus, Ohio. Brewdog secured a 42 acre lot as a foundation for their 100,000 square foot brewery, including having offices for their employees, a visitor center, taproom and craft beer restaurant. Their brewery launches in the middle of 2017.

Guests who stay at The Doghouse will receive various treatments all revolving around beer. Visitors have access to hop-infused face masks, malted barley massages, hot tubs made out of oak barrels used to age beer, and the rooms have refrigerators filled with available beer while the guest takes a shower. Brewdog intends for their hotel to give visitors the type of vacation they would envision revolving entirely around beer.

On-site at the hotel, visitors get the opportunity to try some of the new beers Brewdog has brewing in a new facility they plan to build alongside the hotel. The brewers at this facility intend to use new brewing techniques and experiment with new flavors Brewdog does not normally have in their typical line up. Certain parts of the facility will operate outside the guest bedrooms as visitors can view the oak foeders, the barrels used to age sour beers, from outside their windows.

Currently, Brewdog has an Indiegogo fundraiser asking for backers to help fund their project as quickly as possible. The crowdfunding project is intended to assist in funding the project and raise awareness to those interested in what they’re doing. To create The Doghouse, the heads of Brewdog believe this project will cost them around $6 million, not something they could gather together with a simple crowdfunding project from the masses.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding project still has a month left for The Doghouse, and those who invest enough in the project can receive a free night to stay with a friend. The Doghouse opens in September 2018.

Brewdog | The Doghouse


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