Hotel Subscription Service Lets Travelers Live Almost Anywhere In The World

Hotel Subscription Service Lets Travelers Live Almost Anywhere In The World

StayAwhile provides a network of hotels and furnished apartments around the world that members can live in for a flat monthly fee

Ivanha Paz
  • 7 march 2017

With headquarters in New York City, StayAwhile is a membership only network of hotels and furnished apartments around the world which members can move around to and from, whenever they want, for a monthly fee. The club also allows users to pay for only the nights they use and store their personal belongings so that they’re ready when they come to stay next. The model is suitable for both wanderers who like to live in different places or people who just want to use it to for traveling purposes.

StayAwhile will be rolling out their memberships beginning in NYC, Miami, Amsterdam and Paris during Spring of this year with an additional 25 in major cities in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S to come.

The nomad living model is not the first of its kind. Similar concepts have been popping up in New York City and other locations to entice millenials as they trend to switch jobs at a faster rate than ever before and implement new styles that allow them to work from anywhere, such as freelancing and work-from-home contracts.

StayAwhile Application

WeLive, from the founders of the co-working space WeWork, are furnished apartments with communal spaces in NYC and Washington D.C that allow their renters to forego leases, just like StayAWhile, and only pay for the months they actually stay.

“No leases, security deposits or long-term commitments. Move in and out whenever you are ready, and save money by not paying to keep an apartment on the nights you’re not actually sleeping there,” reads the app’s website.

All of their hotels and apartments promise strong WiFi at no additional cost. The price varies based on location, starting at $1,119 per week.



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