Levi’s Commuter Jacket Lets You Control Devices With Gestures

Levi’s Commuter Jacket Lets You Control Devices With Gestures
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A working version of the product was unveiled at SXSW, which demonstrated the viability of the technology

Jennifer Passas
  • 16 march 2017

Levi’s is launching their Google-powered Commuter jacket with in-built conductive fabric this fall. The jacket comes from Google’s Advanced Technology and Products group whose goal it is to turn objects into interactive, gesture controlled surfaces.

Through the conductive fabric and Bluetooth device that can be attached to the jacket, the wearer is able to find out the time as well as play, pause or skip the music they are listening to. The jacket has an Android app called Project Jacquard that enables you to control which gesture to bring up.

This is Levi’s first smart jacket and the brand is currently working on additional gestures that will enable more interactions for the wearer in future. The battery life for for the Bluetooth device is about two days after which it can easily be removed and charged via a USB.

From the outside the jacket doesn’t look any different from other Levi’s jean jackets. As long as the cuff that enables the gestures is removed, the jacket can be thrown in a washing machine for cleaning.

While the jacket might not have broad appeal initially, once the early adopters will seize it, hopefully it will fan out from there. What is interesting about the launch of the Levi Commuter jacket is to think of how our interactions with technology will become lighter and faster in the near future. Multi-second glances at a smartwatch will seem long in comparison to a swipe of hand on fabric in no time at all.


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