Your Car Can Now Smell Like The NBA

Your Car Can Now Smell Like The NBA

KIA motors has designed unique air fresheners revolving around NBA teams

Zack Palm
  • 28 march 2017

With March Madness currently underway, KIA Motors wants to ride this popularity by partnering with the NBA to create unique team-scented air fresheners. KIA explains how they were able to achieve this through a promotional video that has some colorful fun with the idea of acquiring the correct scent for each team.

The video has a team of KIA scent technicians acquiring the distinct musk of each team through their worn jerseys, socks, and other gear the players have worn. While the video focuses on the sweat of the players, the real car fresheners were uniquely designed to embody the team’s city and personality.

A fan can pick up this new promotional car freshener at a KIA car dealership in the United States.

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