Retail Village Reveals The Future Shopping Experience

Retail Village Reveals The Future Shopping Experience

Three retailers came together to showcase the changing expectations of customers and how retailers can remain relevant

Zack Palm
  • 16 march 2017

At the Euroshop 2017 retail trade show in Düsseldorf, three big retail companies, Ansorg, VITRA, and Vizona—all part of the Vitrashop Group—came together to create a booth called ‘the village,’ which highlights a futuristic retail experience. This booth showed the changing expectations of customers and how retail stores can optimize the space they have to remain versatile. The three retailers sought the assistance of Joanna Laajisto, a Finnish interior designer, to help bring the village to life.


The village has five different retail store categories: a consumer electronics area, fashion, cosmetics, grocery store, and a car showroom. Laajisto drew on impressions she had in the eight years she lived in Los Angeles, making the plaza of these locations resemble an American mall environment with open space, skylights, and indoor gardens. The retail stores had VITRA products in them, the interior design was done by Laajisto and specialists from Vizona, and had new custom-made lighting concepts from Ansorg.

It took the three retailers and Laajisto three months to complete these displays. All of the shops had to integrate a little bit of each of the brands, ensuring none of them clashed against one another.

Retail Village

The retail store market faces the challenge of providing a superior customer experience, compared to online shops. To counter this, Laajisto blended together the virtual with the physical, attempting to appeal to a customer as they explore the village, by placing appealing plants displays, affixing lights in specific areas, and matching the colors to the atmosphere. The main concept was for the technology to remain in the background and unseen by customers in order to not interrupt their shopping experience.

One of the technology pieces in the stores features a heat mapping system, using an array of sensors to map out the area customers explore in a store. This highlights what areas customers visit and which ones they don’t. When a retailer can know what section of the store doesn’t preform as well, the managers can change a display to match others around it and appeal to more consumers. These stores take in a customer’s experience to drive them on how they should design the store.

The retail village was on display at the Euroshop 2017 trade show until March 5 to the 7.

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