Starbucks Now Lets Customers Use Bitcoin To Get Their Coffee

Starbucks Now Lets Customers Use Bitcoin To Get Their Coffee

The chain's app now works with iPayYou to give Bitcoin users an easier time when purchasing coffee

Zack Palm
  • 13 march 2017

Starbucks has partnered with iPayYou, a method Bitcoin users can use to make purchases, to have their method of payment work through the coffee shop’s application. Starbucks’ application allows them to buy a number of things off of their menu.

Before a user can purchase an item from Starbucks, they must first choose an amount of Bitcoin they want to transfer over. The transfer automatically accounts for any exchange rates with Bitcoin, accounting for all real-time conversion rates. When it’s finished, the user can freely choose what items they’d like to buy off the menu. This partnership follows up iPayYou making it easier for their users to purchase physical items using Bitcoin by making gift cards of major retailers available on their website.

Users can start using this format once they have an iPayYou account and a Starbucks application on their phone.


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