Uber Campaign Helps Parisians Take An Instant Holiday

Uber Campaign Helps Parisians Take An Instant Holiday

UberESCAPE is a partnership with Transavia Airlines in France that lets riders book a plane ticket through the Uber app to get away without the need for planning

Azalea Pena
  • 20 march 2017

Is life getting too hectic and you just need to take a quick breather? Uber and Transavia Airlines will take you to an instant holiday through their new campaign UberESCAPE. French ad agency Les Gaulois Paris made the new UberESCAPE campaign to highlight both Uber’s and Transavia’s transport services. No need to book car transport and plane tickets separately as you can simply book through your Uber app. Click the UberESCAPE button, pick a location, and the app will give you real-time last-minute flights from the airport nearest you.

UberEscape_Transavia_Quick Getaway_PSFK.jpg

You’ll also get the total fare for both the Uber and plane ride at the same time. The campaign is currently available in Paris, Lyon, and Nantes, France and will only run from March 13 to 17. But if this becomes a hit, it won’t be a surprise if this becomes a permanent Uber feature in the future.


+Transvania Airline

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