Wearable Tech Is Becoming A Regular Fixture Of Cruise Lines

Wearable Tech Is Becoming A Regular Fixture Of Cruise Lines

The cruise company MSC is planning to implement beacon technology and wearable bracelets for their guests

Ivanha Paz
  • 17 march 2017

Mediterranean cruise ship line, MSC Cruises, is giving their passengers wearable technology to enhance their vacation experience. The company is planning to refurbish 12 of their ships with beacon technology as well as integrate it in 11 new ones they are building this year. Approximately 16,000 beacons placed around the ship will communicate with bracelets given to passengers — kids get it free, adults will most likely have to pay for their bands.

The children’s bracelets will feature a locator, allowing their parents or guardians to find them anywhere on the ship via a corresponding app. All bracelets will let passengers access their cabins — an ingenious solution for those who are always losing their cabin keys. They can also serve as ID’s and grant access to various ship services.

The mobile application will also have a host of different features letting passengers know of upcoming events, cruise dining, scheduling, and even getting in touch with the concierge and can be accessed without a wristband.

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Other cruise companies have already been implementing wearable tech as part of their experience, including Disney introducing MagicBands in 2014. Carnival Cruise also has a mobile application for time spent on-board.

According to CNet MSC’s project represented an investment of 9 billion euro enlisting the digital expertise of Samsung, HP and Deloitte Digital.

The trend to include interactive technology on cruise ships seems to be successful so far, enabling for convenient perks that most cruisers have already grown accustomed to in their daily lives.

MSC expects to implement new technology this June on one of their new ships Meraviglia.

MSC Cruises

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