Turn WhatsApp Chats Into A Personalized Book

Turn WhatsApp Chats Into A Personalized Book

Startup aims to turn digital conversations into a physical keepsake

Yi Chen
  • 1 march 2017

zapptales is a German startup that wants us to treasure chat logs as much as we treasure photos. Instead of a photo book, they’ve allowed users to turn their WhatsApp chats into a printed hardcover alongside a downloadable PDF version. By importing the chat log into the easy-to-use interface, users will be able to edit everything, from texts that they want to exclude, to the size of photos, background colors, and personalizing names.

The idea for this service came about when Daniel Vicen Renner, one of the founders, wanted to incapsulate a particular chat group where his sister had shared photos and updates of her first baby. Renner felt that it would have “been a shame to lose this very personal diary of the baby’s first year to the depths of the digital world.”

Prices start from 24.50€ for a softcover to 29.90€ for a hardcover. Currently, zapptales only ships to EU countries, Switzerland, USA, and Canada.


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