Alexa-Enabled Wearable Helps Seniors Maintain Their Health

Alexa-Enabled Wearable Helps Seniors Maintain Their Health
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The device called Wellnest is capable of reminding wearers to take their medicine and refill prescriptions

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 27 april 2017

San Antonio-based pharmaceutical company Mission Pharmacal has invested in Elements of Genius, Inc., as the company prepares to launch Wellnest—a wearable device for seniors that will be equipped with Amazon Alexa voice recognition capabilities— in July.

The wearable will enable family members who are responsible for caretaking to track the location of their senior relatives, as well as allow the wearers to easily call 911 in the case of a slip-and-fall or other accident.

Wellnest, which is set to launch on July 1, will let users refill their prescriptions through the built-in Alexa voice command feature and can also remind seniors to take their medication.


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