Airline Creates Limited Edition Sneakers As A Special Pass To Amsterdam

Airline Creates Limited Edition Sneakers As A Special Pass To Amsterdam

KLM designed and sold 150 pairs of footwear which give the wearer access to some of the best museums in Amsterdam

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 april 2017

Cities often have deals for tourists looking to see the biggest and best sites— special cards, tour packages or even colored bracelets. Dutch airline KLM is giving those visiting the city of Amsterdam a unique pass to some of the city’s best attractions: a pair of orange sneakers. In March 2017, the company auctioned off 150 of these special sneakers, a return KLM flight to Amsterdam and the “I Amsterdam” City Card, so that the winners can pursue Amsterdam’s best museums and other cultural spots around the city. All the proceeds from the sale were donated to UNICEF.

Ulf Rönnbäck, copywriter at Pool, the creativity agency behind the all access sneaker, explains that the shoes themselves are meant to be part of the experience, “We had the shoe made after a few criteria — it had to be durable since it really should be used for walking, it should support the foot, the outer had to be durable as well, as the weather in Amsterdam is not always sunny, and we figured it had to be able to bear a spill of beer too. Since Amsterdam is covered in cobblestones, we chose a sole that has a superior grip and then we wanted it to show the Dutch heritage, hence the orange color.”

Learn more about the all access sneaker below:




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