Spray-On Flavor Could Change The Way We Enjoy Drinks

Spray-On Flavor Could Change The Way We Enjoy Drinks
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Alice & the Magician is developing unique flavors that can be spritzed onto the rim of cocktail glasses with edible aromatic mists

Zack Palm
  • 6 april 2017

Alice & the Magician has created edible aromatic mists designed to enrich the aroma of mixed alcoholic beverages and cocktails to give them a unique flavor. The owner of the company, Aaron Wisniewski, wanted to add more to the experience of drinks without having to include physical ingredients in the beverage.

If a user were to mix a cocktail together, they could instead apply a citrus mist along the rim of the glass rather than adding any lemon juice. By adding the extra aroma, the taste buds react from the smell and by anticipating the flavor of the citrus without the mess of having to cut a lemon. The mists created by Alice & the Magician use natural ingredients to uplift a beverage, not chemicals.

Alice & the Magician have a variety of spray flavors for personal use and professional use available on their website.

Alice & the Magician

+Alice & the Magician

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