You Can Now Order A Custom 3D-Printed Blazer In 90 Minutes

You Can Now Order A Custom 3D-Printed Blazer In 90 Minutes

Customers can order a customized garment 3D printed to their specifications

Zack Palm
  • 21 april 2017

To offer a quick and unique shopping experience the Boston-based clothing store, Ministry of Supply, has purchased a $200,000 3D printer that can produce personalized clothing products for customers.


Ministry of Supply keeps the experience fast as the printer has the capacity to produce an article of clothing within 90 minutes and uses less material than if they were to traditionally design one.

However, because of the amount of time it takes, the printer can only create 16 pieces of clothing per day. For now, Ministry of Supply only prints one product off their line, the Men’s Seamless Blazer, which will run you $345.

The store has not announced when they plan to add other clothing products to their 3D printer lineup.

Ministry of Supply

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