A Ring That Tracks Your Daily Vitamin D Consumption

A Ring That Tracks Your Daily Vitamin D Consumption
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The e-Senses calculates how much sunlight the wearer has absorbed throughout the day and recommends ways to avoid sunburn

Zack Palm
  • 17 april 2017

e-Senses, a health technology company in the Netherlands, has created a smart ring called the Helios Smart Ring that tracks the amount of exposure a person has to sunlight. The company was motivated to manufacture the ring due to the one billion people in the Earth’s population have a vitamin D deficiency. This has risen due to more jobs moving inside of offices where workers rarely go outdoors on a daily basis.


The Helios Smart Ring calculates how long the wearer has been outside, showing their daily time spent in the sun and how it calculates to their daily vitamin D intake. The application that comes with the ring instructs the wearer on the best ways to consume daylight, how much UV they’re exposed to while walking around, and recommendations to stay outside safely without getting a sunburn.

e-Senses has their smart ring on Indiegogo right now with a goal of $100,00.

Helios Smart Ring

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