Eve Autonomous Car Concept Is An Intelligent & Mobile Living Space

Eve Autonomous Car Concept Is An Intelligent & Mobile Living Space

Less like a car interior and more like a private jet cabin

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 6 april 2017

We’re just beginning to see some interesting design explorations of how the interiors of autonomous vehicles might function and look. Getting rid of the traditional driver/passenger hierarchy frees up space for new roles, as VW, Hyundai and BMW have already shown. Another futuristic take of how we might be spending time living and working while traveling comes from global automotive startup NIO. The EVE autonomous sedan was developed as a vision car to explore design and technology ideas.

The exterior adopts a similar one box silhouette shape to some of the other autonomous car concepts from Mercedes-Benz, Faraday Future and Lucid. That’s essentially done to create a large interior volume. The EVE does incorporate some trick elements on the exterior, like varying-opacity side windows and lighting to alert pedestrians that looks to be a nod to KITT of Knight Rider.


The most intriguing part of the NIO EVE concept is the consideration behind the potential uses of the interior space. First off, it doesn’t look like a totally wacky design—there’s some semblance of a recognizable car interior. The layout is a kind of split cabin design with piloting duties still able to be preformed in the front. The back passengers can adapt the space to different tasks between private work, conferencing or relaxing. It looks much more like an interior from a private jet or high-end yacht.


The shape of the seats project a feeling of comfort and the color application in a horizontal band helps make the interior look bigger. The appearance of technology is kept to a restrained level and discretely integrated. EVE is managed by an internal AI system called NOMI. There are two physical representations of NOMI, illuminated sculptural blocks nested in the dashboard and rear seat back. Information is either displayed on the surrounding glass or on a single dashboard located screen.


NIO released a video that shows off a number of features of the EVE concept. It is narrated by a young girl, making the idea that in a generation or two, a drivers license might no longer be necessary, seem that much more real.





 Mobile Living Space



 Mobile Living Space

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