4 Takeaways For Creating Convenience-First Retail

4 Takeaways For Creating Convenience-First Retail

PSFK's Food Debrief deconstructs the traditional storefront, offering retailers a new vision for meeting their consumers on a hyper-relevant level

Conner Dial, Fashion Editor
  • 21 april 2017

From ‘next day’ shipping to ‘see now, buy now’ options, it’s clear that today’s consumers are not only time-conservative, but prioritize low stakes, effortless experiences. PSFK Labs‘ Food Debrief shows all consumer retailers how to meet these new consumers expectations. By implementing flexible services and a diverse set of engagement opportunities, retailers can meet the sum of their customers’ contextual, effervescent needs.

The following tenets will help guide retailers as they update their business models to meet the modern shopper’s demands.

The following is a preview to the insights presented in the Food Debrief. Download the full report today for full strategies, applications and more!

Track Which Steps Can Be Removed In The Path To Purchase

Utilize shopper data and behavior to determine which parts of the shopping experience can be omitted or simplified to remove pain points that cause the greatest frustrations.

Predict Consumer Needs

Leverage customers’ purchase histories and patterns of engagement to fit them with products when, if not before, they need them.

Provide Ambient Guidance

To remove the frustration of finding products, implement navigation assistance directly into the infrastructure of the space. 

Facilitate A Full-Circle Process

Prepare for the next transaction as soon as a customer leaves a store by helping them track consumption or prepare their next shopping list.  

PSFK’s Food Debrief explores how grocery retailers are revolutionizing proactive and responsive convenience for their customers, setting a frictionless standard for all consumer-facing industries. Download the full report here, or request a meeting for your office. For full access to all of PSFK’s reports, debriefs, articles and archives, become a PSFK Member today.

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