This Friend-Finding App Wants To Make It Easier To Meet Platonic Pals

This Friend-Finding App Wants To Make It Easier To Meet Platonic Pals

Instead of a dating social app, Me3 wants people to meet up and form friendships

Zack Palm
  • 21 april 2017

There’s certainly no shortage of dating apps that fit a wide range of preferences and lifestyles, but users seeking platonic engagements are often out of luck. Me3, a new friend-finding app, wants to try bringing people together to build friendships. Users on the app can meet one another by sharing common interests, goals, and what makes their personality unique without any parties holding an expectation of a romantic relationship.When a user downloads the application, they have to reveal a little about themselves to find the correct crowd. A user goes through eight questions to share their perspective on social matters and what they’re like in social settings. Once these questions are answered, the application searches for others who also share similar qualities and would make a good fit as a potential friend.

Me3 takes a different approach than how dating applications deal with matching profiles. Users are matched not to one but two people at a time to form a group of three, known as a ‘tribe.’ This was done to remove any awkwardness associated with meeting someone new. By having three people engage in a conversation, no one can feel left out or feel like they’re getting ignored.

If a group doesn’t work out for someone they can freely leave the tribe while having as many tribes going on as possible. As a user joins up with more tribes and stays with them, the algorithm learns about a user’s preferences and improves the chances of finding an ideal group for them.

Me3 has only launched in New York City right now, although the developers plan to release the application steadily to other cities over time in the future.


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