This Health Device Brings Star Trek’s Tricorder Closer To Reality

This Health Device Brings Star Trek’s Tricorder Closer To Reality
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The cellphone-like medical device can scan a person and instantly diagnose any ailments

Ivanha Paz
  • 21 april 2017

Star Trek fans, get ready. One of the most useful devices of the series might soon become a reality. XPrize, a nonprofit that incentivizes technological development, is rooting for a real-life tricorder. The tricorder is a cell-phone like medical device that can scan a person (or alien) and instantly diagnose any ailments. XPrize promised a $10 million prize for the company able to develop it five years ago, and announced the winners last week.

Basil Leaf Technologies‘ team Final Frontier Medical Devices was announced as the highest performing team and received $2.5 million for their device (pictured above) named, DxtER, and Dynamical Biomarkers Group received $1 million for 2nd place, all to turn their prototype into a real and working product.

Dynamical Biomarkers Group's prototype

“An entirely new market is emerging that engages consumers and puts them in the driver’s seat,” said Basil Harris, founder of Final Frontier Medical Devices. “Our device is smart and simple, giving people the help and answers they need when they need this input the most. There is nothing like it in existence.”

“Both teams exceeded the competition requirements for user experience, nearly met the challenging audacious benchmarks for diagnosing the 13 disease states, and with their prototypes, have taken humanity one step closer to realizing Gene Roddenberry’s 23rd century sci-fi vision,” said XPrize.

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