A Light Bulb That Makes You Look More Beautiful

A Light Bulb That Makes You Look More Beautiful

Plumen's latest innovative bulb uses gold to give the humble LED light some sex appeal

Matt Vitone
  • 12 april 2017

Lights should not only help us see better, they should help the objects and people they illuminate look better, too. That’s the principle Plumen, a London-based designer of low-energy lighting solutions, had in mind with the Plumen 003, it’s latest patented bulb.

Five years in the making, the 003 is said to be two lights in one. The downward spotlight is perfect for tasks such as working or reading, while the gold elements at the bulb’s core reflect a soft, ambient light that’s meant to flatter the faces of people who sit near it.

But the 003’s sexy appearance is just a ruse for what is actually a sustainable LED light bulb that’s every bit as pleasing to the eye as it is energy efficient.

Designed by a jeweler, the gold at the center of the bulb helps to warm the LED as it reflects off the gold elements, creating a flattering soft glow that also draws away heat to make the bulb more efficient.

“Sustainable design often lacks sex appeal—LED bulbs being no exception. We decided that to attract customers to this new technology we needed to create an efficient light bulb that was inspiring and beautiful in its own right,” said Nicolas Roope, Plumen co-founder and creative director.

Launched in the U.S. in partnership with MoMA Design Stores, the Plumen 003 is available exclusively at MoMA’s New York City locations (Soho and Uptown) and online at MoMA’s web store, where it is currently on backorder.


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