McDonald’s Uniforms Just Got A Huge Makeover

McDonald’s Uniforms Just Got A Huge Makeover

The fast food brand has given their dress code a new modern look with the help from two fashion designers

Zack Palm
  • 17 april 2017

McDonald’s has added two new uniforms and brought them to their employees in the 14,000 fast food chain establishments they have throughout the United States.

One of these uniforms was created by Waraire Boswell, a designer who has crafted clothing for Will Smith, Bruno Mars, and LeBron James, to name a few. Boswell was once a McDonald’s employee when he was younger and those experiences influenced his design to remain comfortable at work, and outside it. The other uniform, named “Timeless Elements,” was conceived by British designer Bindu Rivas, who has done other uniforms for several companies, such as banks and airlines. Employees also have the option to wear an apron that folds down to become a half-apron if wearing a full one limits them while working.

This is the first time McDonald’s has worked with fashion designers.


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