Restaurant Concept Honors The Music Of Tupac Shakur

Restaurant Concept Honors The Music Of Tupac Shakur

The Estate of Tupac Shakur has collaborated with Bravado to launch a restaurant and new merchandise based on in-depth notes from the artist

Mario Valdivieso
  • 11 april 2017

It’s been 20 years since the tragic death of Tupac Shakur but his legacy is still very much alive in the hearts of many. Since his death, posthumous albums and poetry books have been released, but now, we can add a restaurant concept to that growing list. Over the weekend, Bravado, a lead branding company and a subdivision of Universal Music Group, teamed up with The Estate of Tupac Shakur for Powamekka Café, the artist’s original restaurant concept for southern-style eats.

Powamekka Café was built out from three pages of hand-scribbled notes by Shakur, once again proving that he was owner of much more than bravado and musical ability.

Everything from how many cooks needed to be staffed to menu items to specific cocktail ingredients were conceptualized by the late artist. And, after reviewing the notes and real-world applications, PSFK can verify that everything was followed to excruciating detail.

Tupac even included a mission statement for the restaurant. In his words, he wanted to create a place for all to “play and parlay,” where friends and family could “escape the worldz cold reality.”

So, from April 7-9, Sweet Chick, the restaurant in the Lower East Side of New York city owned by hip-hop artist Nas and restauranteur John Seymour, took on the temporal guise of Powamekka. Archives from Tupac’s personal collection were used to decorate the establishment which included childhood photos, his poetry, and records of his favorite artists. The menu even had his cousin’s recipe for fried chicken as the signature dish.

The atmosphere was complete with a playlist consisting of all his greatest hits along with other hip-hop artists he collaborated with.

“Tupac’s creative vision was limitless, he was constantly working on ideas and plans that reached beyond music and film,” said trustee of The Estate of Tupac Shakur, Tom Whalley.

The CEO of Bravado, Mat Vlasic, was excited to give an opportunity for fans, friends and family of the rapper to keep the artist alive in a new avenue. “Tupac continues to impact music, art, fashion and culture around the world and Powamekka Cafe will offer his fans a new and personal way to reconnect with him through his passion for food and the restaurant he dreamed of opening,” said Vlasic.

Though the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant ended this weekend, the two companies also plan to release an exclusive merchandise and clothing line centered around the concept. Whether through his music, film, and now culinary fare, Tupac continues to ensure all eyes are focused squarely on him.

Bravado | Sweet Chick

PHOTOS: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for The Estate of Tupac Shakur

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