An AI Robot Designed To Make The Perfect Salad

An AI Robot Designed To Make The Perfect Salad

Chowbotics Inc. claims that its device can make a salad faster and more precisely suited to your caloric desires than a human can

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 14 april 2017

Making a perfect salad is not an easy task. Getting the right balance between the crunchiness, juiciness and creaminess, while keeping everything on the healthy side, takes practice. But Sally is here to help you—and she’s not a smiling Chop’t or Sweetgreen staff member. Sally, from artificial intelligence startup Chowbotics, is an AI robot which can store and dispense up to 21 ingredients and toss a fresh salad in just under 60 seconds.

Sally lets users select desired ingredients from a menu and provides them with precise caloric information, making them potentially rethink that second serving of gouda.

Chowbotics also emphasizes that Sally is more hygienic than traditional human-powered salad tossing spots, though she does not do the chopping herself which means that some level of human interaction is still necessary.

Measuring 31.7’’ x 33.2’’ and weighting 350 pounds, the machine is primarily targeted at businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants or hotels, but a smaller and cheaper version could soon find its way to our homes.

Salad aficionados will be able to taste Sally’s creations at Mama Mia’s restaurant in Santa Clara, CA, a corporate cafeteria H-E-B Grocery Co. in Texas and Galvanize, a Bay Area co-working space. Sally is also available for pre-order for $30,000 or through a leasing scheme starting at $500 per month.

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