Robot Will Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Three Minutes

Robot Will Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Three Minutes
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No more picking your shirts from a pile of clean laundry

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 3 april 2017

If the part of doing laundry you dread the most is having to fold all your clothes after they come out of the dryer, FoldiMate might just be what you were looking for. Marketed as “your laundry folding friend” the machine can de-wrinkle, fold, soften and even infuse perfume, so you don’t have to dig around a pile of clean laundry on the floor anymore.

 With folding taking around ten seconds per garment, the average load is ready to be picked up and put in the drawer in a little less than three minutes. There is only one catch—the machine is not physically connected with your washer or dryer which means that you have to manually clip every item onto the special rug that can hold anywhere between 15 to 20 pieces, depending on their thickness. In order to facilitate this process, engineers designed special clips that allow for hanging both sides at the same time, however the issues of efficiency, especially with smaller loads, still remains.

FoldiMate also won’t help you with smaller garments like socks or baby clothes, nor can it iron your shirts, however T-shirts, trousers or sweaters are all fair game. If you can’t wait to get your hands on this machine, make sure that you have enough room for it as it is two-thirds the size of a washer or dryer.

FoldiMate is still in the prototyping phase, but could hit the mass marker by the end of the year for a retail price of $850.



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