Seagrass Packaging Keeps Food Fresh And Reduces Waste

Seagrass Packaging Keeps Food Fresh And Reduces Waste
Design & Architecture

The sustainable material is biodegradable and has antibacterial properties

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 april 2017

Multidisciplinary German designer Felix Pöttinger, who is studying at the Royal College of Art in London, has developed a new kind of sustainable food packaging. Along with project partners Tesco and the Microsoft Research Lab, Pöttinger created a POC seagrass-based packaging material designed to extend the durability of food, as well as reduce food waste and packaging waste. It is biodegradable and also keeps food fresh with its antibacterial properties.


This project is still in the development stage, and Pöttinger plans to set up a company to investigate the material’s potential and continue testing it out.


Felix Pöttinger

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