Self-Protective Pacifier Snaps Into A Bubble When It Drops To The Floor

Self-Protective Pacifier Snaps Into A Bubble When It Drops To The Floor

When this pacifier drops it automatically pops back into its protective sphere to avoid getting germs on the end

Zack Palm
  • 24 april 2017

Parents have to take a child’s health seriously, even with the most minor of coughs. That’s why Doddle & Co, a company started by two moms, created the Pop, a self-protective pacifier that pops into a protective sphere when it drops out of the child’s mouth. The Pop was originally a Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal on Nov 19, 2015.Made of silicone, the Pop looks like a small sphere with one open end where the nipple of the pacifier hides and doesn’t stick out. A traditional pacifier has no protection around this end. A parent presses gently on the protected side to expose the nipple, but not too hard, for the child to take it into their mouth. If the child lets go and it falls out, the exposed immediately sinks back into the sphere to prevent it from hitting the ground.

Doddle & Co. have the Pop in four different colors: red, teal, pink, and lime, all priced at $9.99 on their website.

Doddle & Co.

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