Turn Any Flat Surface Into An Interactive Touchscreen

Turn Any Flat Surface Into An Interactive Touchscreen
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Sony has designed a projector that can display images on any surface so people can interact with them as if they were on a tablet or phone

Zack Palm
  • 6 april 2017

Sony has released their newest line of products focused in communication known as Xperia. The latest product from this line features an interactive projector called Xperia Touch, which turns any surface into an interactive touchscreen.

The projector uses infrared lights to display the images on a flat surface. Using a 60 frames-per-second camera, the Xperia Touch can capture the movements of a user’s hand to process them into treating the images as if they were a tablet or a smartphone. The device can project news updates, online browsers, applications, movies, games, and video chat.

It has a proximity sensor installed, prompting the projector to flip on upon being approached to display the time or a weather report.

Sony has additional information on their website about the Xperia Touch, however, they have no release date.


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