Starbucks Is Testing A Mobile Pay-Only Store In Seattle

Starbucks Is Testing A Mobile Pay-Only Store In Seattle
Brand Development

The coffee chain is trialling a mobile order and take-out store to alleviate the constant flow of customers during peak hours

Ivanha Paz
  • 10 april 2017

The international coffee chain Starbucks is opening a takeout and mobile pay-only store in its Seattle headquarters. The retailer has allowed its customers to purchase and order via its smartphone app since last year, but a mobile pay-only store represents a renewed focus towards their customers that prioritize the convenience of mobile ordering and paying, marking a shift from their established in-store hangout, laptop and coffee vibe.

This trial is also a way to alleviate the saturation of costumers getting their to-go orders at peak hours, which was exacerbated by the popularization of mobile orders.

From now on, all mobile orders at the Starbucks headquarters will be re-routed to the new mobile-only store in the same building.


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