The World’s First Translucent Leather Debuts In New Fashion Collection

The World’s First Translucent Leather Debuts In New Fashion Collection
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Translucent leather made from cow hide makes up the new ECCO collection by Sruli Recht

Jiwon Kim
  • 21 april 2017

Leather is always a coveted material in the fashion world. Fashion designer Sruli Recht upgraded this material further by creating translucent cow skin leather for the Apparition clothing collection for fashion company ECCO. The designer partnered up with ECCO’s Netherlands leather lab to create the material, working for three years until they were able to come up with something they liked. They combined Greek and Egyptian tanning techniques along with more modern approaches to finish the final product.

The translucent leather itself is flexible, making it easy to create different fashion pieces, including shoes. The leather has also been fashioned in different colors, including green and blood red. Recht wanted to make sure that the leather was not only transparent and flexible but durable, creating a material that is also water resistant.

Translucent Leather

Recht has managed to successfully create an innovative material that is great for designers to work with and long-lasting for consumers.

ECCO | Sruli Recht

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