A System That Makes Water Conservation Fun

A System That Makes Water Conservation Fun
Design & Architecture

Well makes it easier to save water by keeping users aware of how much they're using throughout various locations of their home

Zack Palm
  • 21 april 2017

Water conservation not only helps individual homeowners in saving a little money, but could also be a big help to residents of states who suffer from water shortages. Residents in California were educated in the importance of water conservation not too long ago, for example. To make it easier, design company Matter and engineering firm Mindtribe came together to create the prototype device called Well.

When a homeowner attaches Well to water lines in their bathrooms and kitchen, the device syncs with their smartphone. From here, a user inputs information about their household, such as their location, the amount of people living there and estimated water usage. This information dictates the amount of water use a household has each day. This is indicated on the application through a full screen of water at the beginning of a day that continually drains as more water gets used, transforming into an orange desert background.

Each week, the application shows how much water the house has saved, including the amount of money. This can expand out into monthly, and annual, charts.

Matter and Mindtribe remain in the prototype stage with Well, but, they plan to have the device hit production through a crowdfunding campaign, or investments.


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