AI Software Trains Call Center Workers To Be More Empathetic

AI Software Trains Call Center Workers To Be More Empathetic

Artificial intelligence, such as with Boston startup Cogito, may soon be able to teach us how to be more…human

Weronika Jurkiewicz
  • 5 may 2017

Boston-based startup Cogito wants you to have a better call center experience by providing employees with real-time feedback using emotionally intelligent software. By identifying certain characterizing of potentially poor customer experience—frequent overlap, extended silence, speaking too quickly or for too long—the program can guide the workers to seem calmer, more empathetic and overall more helpful.

Instead of dissecting the language or the word choices, the software analyses the raw audio, looking more into the sheer dynamics of the exchange, rather than its substance.

“Conversation is like a dance,” Josh Feast, Cogito CEO told MIT Technology Review. “You can tell whether people are in sync, and it turns out this is a much better measure than language.”

The platform can also alert managers in real time if the customer is having a bad experience, enabling them to intervene when needed. Feast predicts that the software could have more uses, from helping with business negotiations to marriage counseling. However, much depends on the program’s ability to adjust its clues to different conversational styles, cultures and personalities.


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